Immersive Factory

I made an internship at Immersive Factory, a VR serious games company, during 2018 summer, for 3 months.


Immersive Factory



Project Description

I made an internship at Immersive Factory, a VR serious games company, during 2018 summer, for 3 months.

Project Date June 2018 - August 2018
Role C#/Unity VR Developer

Immersive Factory

I made an internship at Immersive Factory during 2018 summer, for 3 months.
It is a Virtual Reality company dealing with Serious Gaming.
The main topic was about Health, Safety and Environment.

Here is a trailer of the project I was working on as the main Unity Developer.
It ended up being published :)

Hazard Spotting : Gameplay

The main goal of the project was to educate people about the potential dangers and good practice to prevent them in a Glass Factory environment.

In order to to that, the idea is to immersed the player into a Virtual Reality environment because we think that he is more inclined to learn as his whole body and actions are directely mapped with his thoughts. It's like if he was really living this experience, and so it's a much better way of teaching.

Then, the player has the mission to found and photographs all the hazard he can found. Like an electrical outlet next to a water valve. Once the player found it, the hazard is then corrected and the player can see what the good action would have been.

You can find here the page of the project :

What I have done

I was in charge of the development on this project. Even if some of the architecture was already in place, because they are doing a lot of similar projects, there was still place for refactoring or redesigning some stuff. As an instance, I took care about the photo taking picture in order to make it more intuitive and more permissive than a single raycast (that often miss the target).

I was also in charge of the level design of the environment. And here I learned that I don't particularly like that ... As placing walls, people and stuff isn't what really excites me in the job of programmer ^^ In fact I think that this isn't a programmer job at all.

I had also the opportunity to take care of the back-end on the simulation. I had to instore a token security system in order to restrict access to the player ... But also a sending rapport system from the simulation to the plateform, which was rather instructive. Even if I do not really like dealing with web haha.

Can you find the hazard? :p
(It's super dangerous!)

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