Speed Skill Style

A 3D parkour video game made with a 2D engine.


Speed Skill Style



Project Description

A 3D parkour video game made with a 2D engine.

Project Date 2014
Role C Developer
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Speed Skill Style !

Mirror's Edge was too slow. So I made my game.
A game of flow.

Here is a Mirror's Edge theme.

The Game

In Speek Skill Style, you are a cube (I also love 3D square !), and you can move like an human, you can run, jump, grab walls and so on.
In fact, this strange universe is the inside of a data base, and you are a virus. You want to hack it by unlocking several doors and light walls. And by dodging ennemies !
I found that being only able to run like a simple human was boring. So I imagined 4 ways of moving, each with unique and powerful abilities but with big upsides to compensate.
I named the 4 forms : the Runner, the Destroyer, the Dasher and the Slider ! (I am french, so it may seems quit weird at first glance :p)

The concept : two part

Part one : Have you ever tried to make a 3D game ... in 2D ?

This was the real challenge of this game : I wanted to create a 3D running game, but I only mastered 2D at that time.
So I assumed that I would print everything in a 2D isometric vue, while my whole model was a 3D model !
I had one difficulty, how the player will understand a 3D environment if he can only observes it from just one standpoint ?
I tried some stuff, transparency, lower the blocks, 90° rotations ... none of them really shine. That's when I reallized that I had to create levels where the depth was less important, I had to create a corridor map ! And it works :D

Let's look the differents ways
of rendering this environment !

As you can see, you don's see. But it's beautiful :3

Trying transparency ... work a bit, but it's too hard to understand.

Playing with colors ... work a bit too.

Lowering blocks, not working :D

That's why level design and engine programming
should always work together !
Let's build Labyrinths and corridors !

It's easier to understand, isn't it ?
(The next levels are handmade)

I understand, and you ? are you sure ? :D

The green column isn't aligned with the yellow ones ;)

Part two : the procedural map generation !

I have a theory.
I think that the future of games is not inside the head of a Game Designer or a Programmer.
I think that the future of games is inside uncertainty.
And the two best ways of uncertainty are other players and randomness !
That's why I have chosen to make all these procedural map genration algorithm :
Labyrinths, donjons, gaussian filter (like on picutres !), cellular automata ... and even more ! :D

I will show you the Labyrinths.

It looks like that ;)

What a labyrinth looks like when we brought down all the walls.

Let's raise up the walls again!
And ... omg where I am?!?
I NEED to found the exit =)

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